Contract Legal Professionals for the Sole Practitioner and Small Firm

SWAMPED?  Call LitFrogs!


The traditional law firm, with its traditional overhead, may simply no longer be tenable. 

On demand staffing that can respond to the ebbs and flows of a contingency practice is the key to operating in the black...

or rather, the green.

An Associate Attorney without the employer overhead! File reviews, demand package preparation, status reports, letters, research memorandums, complaints, discovery, minors' compromise petitions, negotiations, virtually any assignment you might give an associate attorney...

An Appearance Attorney at the ready! Depositions, mediations, case management conferences, motions hearings, up your calendar!  These services available at a slightly higher rate and include mileage charges.

A Law Clerk to thoroughly check relied upon cites and research support for creative arguments! Law clerk services may be incorporated into other projects or the information can be provided in the form of a memorandum.

A Legal Assistant  available for overflow work!

Coming soon: Case manager and paralegal services!